My goals with Lynne were stress management and letting go of the past. Lynne's respectful ability to listen, her great generosity and wisdom helped me tremendously. She was concerned with helping me, but she did so calmly and gently. I must say that the sessions helped me in a remarkable way! Thank you very much Lynne for the support and the insightful moments that I had in your company. I most definitely recommend you! - Lise G.

"Lynne helped me a lot in my Skype / Zoom sessions, and in person. I appreciated her kindness and her approach to help me find motivation in my life, and since then I've felt more confident, more at peace with myself, softer, and my relationships are more intimate. I even take better decisions. Thank you, Lynne, for your support and your wisdom."
- Alexandra

"I really like the deep relaxation and clarity that I now have. Lynne has an amazing way to make me feel calm, she has a very comforting voice. I am enormously satisfied and I already see a lot of improvement on myself. I am less anxious, even serene. Thank you so much! I loved our sessions!" - T.D.

"I managed with Lynne's help to solve in only 4 sessions a problem of bulimia not easy to unveil, that I had for decades. To struggle by oneself and one's beliefs one tends to err and It's very difficult, I could so easily deceive myself. I'm really delighted with my meetings with Lynne, these sessions have exceeded my expectations. What is most important for me is the great satisfaction I have after our meetings. The sessions are done in gentleness and with full attention. What helped me a lot was also the usefulness of receiving the recording the next day. I greatly benefited from Lynne's deep knowledge, her ability to adapt, her professionalism, and her guidance, always done respectfully. " - C. G.

"Thanks to the sessions on fear of flying that we had together my trip was “anxiety free”! I still am amazed by it! I have lived so long with this anxiety it became the norm for me. We had a wonder filled trip. I want to thank you for all your help with the hypnosis and being such a beautiful soul on my path. I look forward to more sessions with you. I am truly grateful!"

"I started the sessions with a heavy closed heart and I now feel open and so much freer! I loved listening to Lynne's voice on the recordings she emailed me, it completely relaxed me! I would recommend this service to everyone!" - K.M.

"I loved the relaxation that comes with the sessions, the recordings that I can listen to and all the tools I have to help me. I loved my hypnosis sessions, and the hypnotizer, Lynne. How to finally manage my stress and regain balance. I recommend Lynne to all! " - D.D.

"My virtual sessions with Lynne were great, I found a healthy and stable progression. I feel stronger, more positive and so much more balanced! Thank you Lynne!" - J.S.

"Thank you! I am grateful to have been referred to you. This is my first experience with hypnosis and I am finding it to be a very positive experience." - H.O.

"I received everything (audio files from our sessions and material) and I thank you for EVERYTHING! Your experience, your professionalism and your great availability have ensured that my sessions were pleasant and efficient. I wish you to continue for a long time helping people improve their well-being. Thank you very much." - FT

"This is the simplest, most effective form of therapy in my opinion. I can't believe the strength of the results. I am blessed to have found this modality of healing, blessed to know Lynne." - K.F.

"Since I've seen you, I feel very relaxed, I am sleeping much better and longer. I no longer need to take relaxants or supplements. I am performing better at work. I would definitely recommend you to others!" - D. U.

"Yesterday’s regression session completely AMAZED me. It is beyond a doubt the single most profound experience of my entire life. It was for me visually and emotionally completely real. An indescribably HUGE weight has been lifted off of me. The words "thank you" falls far short of the appreciation that I'm currently feeling for what you did. I actually woke up with a smile today for the first time in as long as I can remember." - P.M.

"I loved the relaxation during the hypnosis and gained awareness to honor myself and make my health the main priority in my life. I enjoyed the process and feel clearer, transformed. I am very satisfied, thank you!" - C. B.

"I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and was amazed at how hypnosis helped me overcome some very stubborn bad habits and helped me change my inner dialogue. Thank you! I would recommend your services to anyone!" - C. M.


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    Gain new perspectives and useful techniques that can transform your life.

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    Gentle tools to help regain control. The results are rapids and lasting.

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    Learn the art of living a balanced and fulfilling life.

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    Meditation made easy. Meditation is a very powerful and effective way to balance our lives and transform our mind from unclear and overactive, to clear, insightful and more positive.


Lynne Cardinal is a member of the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec. We can provide you with receipts accepted by most insurance companies.