Discover the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

When a client is highly motivated and open-minded, they experience remarkable and lasting results in a very short amount of time.


At the core of all main contemplative traditions is found the principle that understanding the nature of one's mind is essential. With that understanding, comes the realization that our mind often rules our life.
Through the gentle technique of hypnosis, you can become the master of your own mind, and thus the master of your own destiny. There's no greater power than this: your mind is your life! Whatever you do, wherever you are, it's the quality of your thinking that matters. Your laughter and tears, confidence and embarrassment, creativity and motivation: all of these are influenced by the very quality of your mind.
You Are What You Think! Yet it isn't always clear whether we control our mind or our mind controls us. If on reflection we come to realize that, in fact, we aren't "running the show," there is a way to turn this around—a natural means by which we can access our own deep inner wisdom and thus regain control.

How does hypnosis work and exactly what does a session entail?

First and foremost, we discuss your objectives and how we might help you to achieve them. A certified hypnotist has several tools and techniques at their disposal, thus in the first session we determine which avenue is best suited to you. Will regression be helpful— healing or releasing the past through the positive framework used in hypnosis—or do we simply need to find a way to move forward?

Having established an appropriate technique together, I guide you into a deeply relaxed state. Here we reach the subconscious mind, the wiser part of the mind that is capable of executing powerful changes with amazing ease. In this relaxed state, you can still hear and even speak to me. Because hypnosis is all about regaining control, you decide how deep you want to go. Then you simply relax and follow my instructions. Due to this level of comfort, the chosen technique gains momentum and the results become tangible, because they arise naturally from within you.

In a session we approach issues metaphorically, which is helpful on several levels. Because a metaphor appears different from the actual concern, it allows the superficial mind to relax. But at the same time, the subconscious mind makes the connection and uses the metaphor to invoke powerful changes. What amazes me is that most people know what they must do in order to achieve their goals. They say things like, "The past is still affecting me. I need to let it go." And yet we don't know how. It's true that from the superficial aspect of our mind, letting go is a difficult thing to do; the superficial mind is complex and can tend to sabotage its own efforts: "I really shouldn't have this piece of cake, but . . .  just this once . . ." Or, "I want to enjoy myself and have fun. I wish I could relax and let go."

But how to relax and let go? Once we've established your needs and desires, we adapt the session towards achieving them.

When a client is highly motivated and open-minded, they experience remarkable and lasting results in a very short amount of time. With the right attitude, the mind relaxes and is open to its amazing potential to heal and move on. The goal of hypnotic techniques is to cause long-term beneficial changes. I just help the process along.

Lynne Cardinal is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy and is a Stress Management and Transformation Coach. Lynne is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. For more information on Lynne, click here.