The bottom of the Iceberg

Guided , […] you slip deeper and deeper into a very relaxed, very focused state -- into your subconscious. That's when a suggestion, a thought that will help you solve a problem, is introduced […]. When the mind is intensely focused, […] suggestions have a powerful impact.- Jeanie Lerche Davis, MD.


How to explain hypnosis?

We often use the image of an Iceberg to represent our deeper potential and wisdom.

Did you know that an iceberg is considerably bigger at the bottom? Usually only one-tenth of an iceberg is above water. It is difficult to estimate its true size by looking at the portion above the surface. This has led to the expression "tip of the iceberg" which describes problems or difficulties that may involve more than meets the eye, or may even be related to an array of other issues or potential altogether which are hidden, or unclear.
From the level of the superficial mind, the tip of the iceberg, it is difficult to overcome our lack of motivation or our excess of anxiety. To achieve tangible results, we need to address deeper levels of resistance, denial and blockages. For example, you may remember a time when you knew you should not do something, but you did it anyway. Your superficial conscious mind may have found a good reason to support your decision despite knowing deep down that really you should not have acted as you did. We may sense that to not address this deeper part of our mind is to be missing out on our capacity to live fully. We further sense that a part of our mind contains the answers to our problems while the conscious mind thwarts this. This cannot serve us well.

Overanalyzing and judging the sessions in progress would weaken its result, as you would constantly be returning to the tip of the iceberg, through analysis, a function of the more superficial mind, the tip of the iceberg. I invite you to trust in the process and focus on your objectives, allow yourself to reach your deeper intelligence and remember: I give you back control. You simply need to tell me about your objectives and together we work to reach them. My sole objective is to give you back control, to help you move in the direction of your choice and needs.

Hypnosis can help through an exploration filled with compassion and gentleness. It is efficient as it works from a deeper part of your mind.
In hypnosis we explore that deeper part of the mind, your subconscious mind, and often use the analogy of the iceberg to explain how hypnosis works.

The deeper part of the iceberg or of our mind is where we can also find our wisdom, release what is holding us back and even find answers to our questions. Deep inside we may keep memories that prevent us from living a fully satisfied life. In our subconscious mind resides a higher, smarter mind – here represented as the bottom of the iceberg. This is the voice that tells you not to eat that piece of cake if you wish to lose a little weight or the one that tells you to let go of the past. This is the voice that is hard to heed from the level of the superficial conscious mind, as it is talented at sabotaging our deeper wisdom.
We all have a great deal of wisdom but from the level of the conscious mind it is difficult to access. If you wish to access your own power and reach your objective, hypnosis just may be what you need to help you explore the bottom of your iceberg.

Lynne Cardinal