Stress Management

Chronic Stress is the major cause of a global epidemic of depressive illnesses and with Heart Disease are considered to be the major health issues of the 21st century.

We all experience stress, more or less daily, and in various degrees; truth is no one is completely stress-free. It could be while on the road, during a holiday which was meant to be relaxing, or at home, in a relationship that was meant to be supportive and pleasant. Stress is normal, it is part of life, yet if it becomes excessive it leads to an imbalance, a misalignment that makes us experience undue physical or emotional pressure.

Chronic stress is felt persistently. It can be debilitating. During our meetings we can explore together what is the origin of this pressure. Stress can be generated from inside, the way we feel, think or see the world, or from the outside, as in excessive and unreasonable situations. Sometimes it is something as simple as learning the art of communication. There are various techniques used to deal with stress. Those techniques will be adapted to your needs and situation.

We will be learning about ourselves and how to deal with situations, either at work or at home. In our reactions lies a very useful knowledge, and we can access it if we take the time to explore them. We may understand that managing stress can help us lead a more balanced, healthier life. To achieve this, we need the expertise or guidance of an experienced guide. In very few sessions, results are attained. Per example, we can learn about our tendencies, do we spend an unreasonable amount of time worrying about situations that may never arise, or that will pass with time? Our mind is trained to worry, as it is designed to make us survive. Yet if this tendency over exceeds the possibility to be present and live a full life, then we may want to look at it objectively, to take a step back. From there, we have the ability to transform our tendencies from being negative to developing a healthy positive outlook on life. It has been my experience personally, but also with decades of working with my clients. For more information, contact me.


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    Gain new perspectives and useful techniques that can transform your life.

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    Gentle tools to help regain control. The results are rapids and lasting.

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    Learn the art of living a balanced and fulfilling life.

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    Meditation made easy. Meditation is a very powerful and effective way to balance our lives and transform our mind from unclear and overactive, to clear, insightful and more positive.


Lynne Cardinal is a member of the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec. We can provide you with receipts accepted by most insurance companies.